White Horse Waves

An animated music video production that goes beyond our material sky to a realm called Brahma-Loka, where everything is good and eternal.

Animated music video production

Brahma-Loka are Patrick Neville (vox), Will Owen (guitar), Joshua Leach (bass), Daniel Green (guitar) and Lee Broadbent (drums).

They reside in Mossley and formed during the summer of 2014 and their popularity has grown stratospherically in 2015 with the band playing a five date UK tour with The Black Ryder, joining the line-up for Cosmosis Festival 2015, a European tour supporting The Warlocks, and have been described as…

“An organic machine in motion. A five membered chord, struck by the sole idea of one. Stylistically it’s difficult to put Brahma-Loka into one genre, with elements of Psych, Indie, Pop, Punk and Rock (amongst others) that amalgamate and create their unique sound. Brahma-Loka are masters of their craft and their electricity on stage is second to none.”

We kicked the project off with meetings, phone calls, Facebook messages, and Skype so we could get to know the band, feel their music and their energy. Taking notes on the bands beliefs, the message behind the song and their visions, we scribbled random words and shapes in brain storming sessions.

After a few more discussions and a bit of research we had an idea that we put forward to the band, so we produced an ‘animatic’ (animated storyboard) to show them. They loved the idea, and although it was ambitious for a 6 minute animated music video, we love a challenge, and it was time for the real fun to begin with some testing.


Seahorses, starfish, underwater scenes, star tetrahedrons, Crystal Maze type objects and more. They were all made in 3D to use as objects, patterns and particle generators. We designed custom vector graphics, photographic background textures, scenery, planets, sacred geometry patterns and more using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator ready for animation in After Effects.

The camera movements, the seahorse swimming, it’s soul travelling through the galaxy and falling from Brahma-Loka, and everything in between, was animated with precision and skill by our team of animators. We used specialist sound syncing techniques to link the sounds with various visual effects, such as making the stars get brighter with the beat, stars in the galaxy pulsating and so much more.

“The ‘White Horse Waves” music video is literally out of this world. The Motion Videos UK captured the perfect cosmic trip we were looking for and exceeded our expectations by miles. Absolute genius!”

Joshua Leach, Bassist, Brahma-Loka


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