Whether you’re looking for a video company that can make a high-quality animated TV commercial or a simple advert for social media, why not give us a try? We’re really quite good at making video adverts. This is one we did for Derby Live in collaboration with Rebel35 for the Aladdin pantomime at Derby Arena. It ran on Sky’s Adsmart during the months leading up to the event and was a big success.

Making an animated TV commercial or advert

The only real requirement for the project was that the animation had to represent the style of the printed marketing material (posters and flyers) that was produced for the event.

The photos of the cast and scenery were provided by the client and then we seamlessly animated them so that everything flowed from one scene to the next and followed the voiceover that was narrated by Mike ‘Squeeky’ McClean.

Theatrical background music and sparkly visual effects were added later to add to the magic.

Brand video with a custom logo animationManchester Rain logo animation with moving background and rain particles