Never Go Back

‘Never Go Back’ is the third music video production we’ve done for the Jazz Hip Hop fusion band Us3. But unlike the other two, Geoff (founder of Us3) didn’t want any fancy effects or motion graphics this time, just to shoot some great footage of people having a fun, and edit it in a way that would make people feel good about watching it.

Hip-hop music video production

We arrived at The Russian Club one sunny August morning and everyone was excited about the day ahead. Some were a bit nervous because they didn’t have any experience of being in a Hip Hop music video production before, but we said…

“It doesn’t matter what experience you have of performing in music videos, we just want you to feel relaxed, enjoy yourself, forget that the camera is even there and we’ll do the rest. It’s our job to make it look like you’ve been doing this for years.”

The kids were difficult to get in front of the camera too at first, but as soon as we started whizzing about on their scooters they soon wanted to get involved. Soon the fun just felt natural and everyone was at ease with the camera.

Before we knew it, we’d captured more than enough footage for an amazing Hip Hop music video production and we caught the train back to Manchester. Three weeks later it was playing on MTV Japan and the views were racking up on YouTube, where they continue to grow.

  • Shot on the Canon 5D MkII with a Canon EF 8-15mm f4L USM fisheye zoom lens for that ultra-wide look.
  • Edited in a way that made sense to the story, choosing the best and most interesting shots along the way.
  • The footage was colour corrected and given a vintage look by saturating some colours and enhancing others.
Us3 ‘Never Go Back’
Hip hop music video production | Us3 'never Go Back' tin robot
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“This was the third video I’ve made with Scott and I think it’s the best one. With limited resources, a few musicians, a couple of dancers and a handful of kids he pulled together a quirky representation of the track. It was a mad day filming, everyone was wondering if it would work, but Scott’s masterful editing made total sense of the whole thing. Very happy yet again, I would highly recommend both him and MVUK.”

Geoff Wilkinson, Founder, Us3

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