Underground Audio

Underground Audio wanted to use YouTube to share their music and asked us to create something more interesting than a static logo when people listened to it.

Looping logo animation production

They wanted something they could easily use themselves, so we came up with this looping logo animation made up of a short intro, outro, and a seamlessly looping video sequence to place between them both so that it would fit any length of music track without anything looking out of place.

It was easy for them to put it with their music using any basic video editing software like iMovie and it looked fantastic with it’s moving sound bars, textures, lens flares and depth-of-field created from our animated virtual camera which allowed us to get up close and personal with the brand. Needless to say, they were just as happy with the results as we were.

“Amazing service, we were kept up to date all the time with what was going on and how much time had been spent on the project for us. The end result was just what we wanted and at a fair price too.”

Kal Dice Jhugroo, Founder, Underground Audio

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