The Conqueror

We animated lyrics of Beatrice Eli’s ‘The Conqueror’ music video and made it feel like it was actually their in the environment moving with her.

Lyrics music video production

In the lyrics music video production for the ‘The Conqueror’ music video we used a couple of techniques to add typography to the scene. Think of it like a text sandwich – the background and Beatrice are two slices of bread, the text is the filling and the motion tracking keyframes are the butter!

Beatrice Eli ‘The Conqueror’
Lyrics Music Video Production & Post-Production, Manchester - Rotoscoping and Motion Tracking.

Rotoscoping is a technique where we cut out part of the footage. In this case we cut out Beatrice from the background so that we could add text between her and the background so it looked like the text was just behind her in the scene.

Motion tracking is a technique where we select an area of the footage and capture the movement from that scene. The clever software we use calculates how the pixels are moving on each frame of the footage and creates ‘points’ (keyframes) for us to attach things to, like text. Each scene is different, so in some scenes we might track the movement of Beatrice’s face, and in others we might track one of her hands and then we can attach the text to it and it will look like it’s following the movement that we’ve tracked.

An urban dubstep music video production styled like Sin City and made in ManchesterA series of three promo videos animated with the TFG 'Hi' brand logos, type and colours