We worked with BDA Creative on a series of short promotional marketing videos for TFG – leaders in the fashion and lifestyle sectors of the retail industry in Africa.

Promotional marketing videos production

BDA provided us with storyboards, TFG’s highly detailed brand guidelines and all of the graphical assets for the project. Plus, lots of visual references to help us understand what the Hi brand was all about.

“At hi, we know that your smart phone, tablet, or note book says something about you – Your unique style, your fashion sense, your love for innovation and your personality. We’ve paid attention. You see, hi is not just another mobile phone store. We’re a fashion-orientated retail experience where style and innovation come together, bringing you solutions that suit your lifestyle.”

It was up to us to understand and pay close attention to the brand, their customers and their objectives and turn those into three engaging marketing videos based on their requirements.

We had lots of discussions about the client so that we had a clear idea about what was expected of the final products. We carried out lots of research to understand the brand, their guidelines and their customers before we animated anything. We created animations that we on-brand and utilised their graphical elements and typography beautifully.

Motion tracking animated and rotoscoped typography for the Beatrice Eli music videoProduct explainer video animation for Buffalo Technology