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We love our Facebook friends. So as a thank you for liking and sharing our work we made this Valentine’s Day 3D heart animation. We love them all and wished them a Happy Valentine’s Day.

About this 3D heart animation

We bought a stock 3D beating heart model from TurboSquid that was already ‘rigged’ (…it’s like a skeleton that moves the skin) and ready for animation in Cinema 4D. Modelling this from scratch would have just taken too long and it was more cost effective to buy one that was already built that we could adapt and make it our own. But the original model looked quite gruesome…

About the styling

So we lovingly gave the horrible looking model a glossy pink finish in Cinema 4D, before adding some tiny heart graphics pumping out of one of the arteries, and then gave it an animated message to freinds, followed by some happy background music to lighten it up and finish it off.


Looping graphic

We even made this looping graphic as an animated GIF for other social media platforms without sound so it would automatically play and catch peoples attention.

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