You are witnessing a self promotional animated illustration of a space shuttle that’s endlessly moving forward as it discovers and explores a new world of animation.

About this illustrated animation

There was no really concept for this animation to begin with, it just came about by accident after a 3D displacement mapping test I did in Cinema 4D when trying to create some planets and then it just became an animation with a space shuttle flying over the planets surface. I also put it to good use and used it in the Brahma-Loka music video too.

A marble 3D displacement mapping texture
A marble 3D displacement mapping texture for an illustrated animation

3D displacement mapping

Displacement mapping is where you create or generate an image or texture that acts as a map for displacing/increase/decreasing the height of a 3D surface. For example, the dark areas in an image will make the height of the surface less (black = 0% height) and light areas in the image will make the surface higher (white = 100% height). I used a similar image to this marble texture for this displacement map. And when applied to a 3D sphere we got this…


If we look a little closer at the texture as the sphere turns on a loop it looks like this…


And then all that was left to do for this beautifully illustrated animation was draw a flat 2D space shuttle graphic, make some glowing flames move in it’s thrusters, make it move around in a loop at the same speed as the background, add some text and a bit of visual colouring and styling and voilà – there you have it.

Illustrated animation of a space shuttle
2D illustrated animation of a space shuttle
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