Graphic design of a woman with the head of a wasp
The graphic design for Splurj that took priority in the shop window and invited music industry talent in to check out our work

She had the head of a wasp

When it comes to our graphic design work we love to think differently. This design was the homepage graphic for our former Splurj Creative site that took priority in our shop window and invited hip-hop music industry talent in to check out our music videos.

It was this stock image of a black lady sat on a couch that sparked off the idea. I had to incorporate elements of music because I was mainly involved with producing music videos at the time.

I added some ravens into the scene who were acting as a video production crew – one was filming with a DSLR and camera slider and giving directions to the actress and crew, one was scribbling a storyboard on the wall, and one was working on a Macbook editing the footage in After Effects. The other is what’s called a ‘runner’ – just a busy-body who lends a hand with stuff that goes on behind the scenes of a film production.

I generated some 3D text in a graffiti style in Cinema 4D, and also used it to tie everything together as the wirey-style text extends down the back of the sofa, and then wraps around the characters leg before forming the wires of the headphones.

I’d removed a panel from her leg and added some mechanical parts inside that made her non-human. And then came the wasps head. I’d hoped that the hip-hop and urban music artists that I was aiming to attract would have appreciated the sinister twist that I put on the scene whilst maintaining a clean and stylised look at the same type – something that you don’t see a lot of in the genre because artwork in primarily dark and grungy. It certainly wouldn’t have had the same effect if viewers could see the beautiful woman’s face smiling anyway.

Finally I styled everything up using the Splurj green colour and a monochrome style before putting it out there for the world to see.

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