This little fellow never dreamed that he’d be a music video star. Then one day he got a small part in the new Nimmo ‘UnYoung’ music video and is now in high demand for more music video animation projects in the future.

About this music video animation

“We need a fly animated as though it’s trapped inside a glass jar buzzing around some leaves that we filmed. Can you help?”

…that was the brief from Michael Holyk at Academy Films. And when they gave us some close-up footage of nothing but some leaves that had all of the colour taken out of them, we were like “yeah, of course we can do that, we live for doing creative music video animation stuff like that and making photos of creatures come to life.”

Masking the leaves

We began by carefully masking (cutting out) the shape of the leaves in After Effects. Then we blurred each of the leaf shapes – we added different colours in these images to make it more clear of what we’re talking about – so that it looked natural when we animated the fly moving between them with no harsh edges.

They wanted a fly buzzing around in a jar for a new music video, so that’s what they got it
Masking shapes of leaves for this music video animation.


They wanted a fly buzzing around in a jar for a new music video, so that’s what they got it
Layering the shapes of the leaves for this music video animation.


Animating the fly

We found a photograph of a fly, cut out it’s wings and animated them with some motion blur. Then we moved it around the scene and in between the leaf layers to make it look like it was passing between them as it flew around. We blurred him the farer away he got from the camera to compliment the depth-of-field from the camera lens. Although everything happens so fast (just as a common house fly would act in real life) blurring helped us to create the illusion that Michael was looking for.





Watch the music video

He’s only a small guy, and doesn’t have a major role, but see if you can spot him in this stunning music video for Nimmo.

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