Protein Megastore

It’s really important for businesses of all sizes to brand their video content appropriately in order to make their products or services memorable and instantly recognisable. This brand video for Protein Megastore was made for them to use on the YouTube videos that they were planning to film in-house, edit and upload to social media for themselves.

Brand Video Intro Animation

And so, we animated their logo, pumped it with testosterone, and gave it some energy with the sound effects of dumbbells dropping onto the gym floor, a moving background that simulated scientific strands of protein under a microscope that were then incorporated with the diamond shape from their brand into it’s design.

The intro and outro videos were then supplied to Protein Megastore with transparent backgrounds so that they could easily drop the videos on top of their own footage in whatever video editing software they were going to use to edit their Youtube videos – whether they were going to use something as simple as iMovie, or more advanced such as Premiere or Final Cut Pro to edit their videos – we made the process of them branding their own YouTube videos really easy for them.

We used some sample placeholder footage in our video of the world strongest man – Eddie ‘The Beast’ Hall breaking the world deadlift record (we were there and saw it happen, we even saw the blood pouring from his knee when he lifted the 463KG weight, and it gave us inspiration for this video) to show where their video would be placed and how the transitions would look between their footage and the intro and outro videos.

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