Nuts About Your Brand

Video marketing is probably one of the most influential ways for brands to promote their products and services online these days. And nobody does it better than GNGR Marketing. This short animation we made for them explains just how important online marketing can be to your business’ online and video marketing strategy and why you should be using it right now – or at least prioritising speaking to GNGR anyway, so they can prioritise and get moving on it for you, allowing you get on with actually running your business.

Making a video marketing animation

To begin with we created a script and storyboards to help GNGR visualise what was going to happen in the animation in a way that made sense.

The illustrations and graphics were designed in Adobe Illustrator as vector graphics so that they could be resized without losing any quality and maintained clean edges throughout the animation.

They were then animated as seamlessly as possibly so that everything flowed together from one scene to the next. We added a long shadow effect to make it fit in with the popular design trends of today.

We also hired a voiceover artist to narrate the script and aid the viewer along the journey as well as including subtle background music and sound effects to enhance the viewing experience.

“With their expertise in producing informative, entertaining and memorable videos, Motion Videos UK helped take our brand to the stars.”

Ben Greenwood, Founder, GNGR Marketing

Illustrated character design and animation for the BBCBrand video with a custom logo animation