Salon 202

Salon 202 is a professional hair and beauty boutique in Oldham. The girls wanted a quirky logo design and animation to match the salon’s personality, but we went that extra mile and produced a sample promo video for them too.

Disclaimer: Means Girls is the property of Paramount Pictures and Missy Elliot is the property of Goldmine Inc.

Small business product marketing video production

We had this idea for a promotional marketing video for a product called L’Oréal Serioxyl product that the salon sells. It’s just a concept and the Mean Girls and Missy Elliot snippets are not our property but we think it’s a nice concept nevertheless.

Promotional graphics and web design


Web design isn’t a service we promote much. We love video! But we’re pretty good at customising a WordPress theme and making it look unique. Plus, we made some rather nice promotional graphics for them too.

A music hip-hop music video production filmed in London and edited in ManchesterA branding video animated for Underground Audio with plenty of depth