The Social Media Journey

If like us you’re a bit of a novice when it comes to understanding the complexities of social media and how best to approach social media marketing, here’s a short explainer video you might like. It’s a social media animation that should help you to get to grips with your social media practices.

Explainer video for a social media animation

This social media animation was made in collaboration with SMRS and it explains the social media journey in a fun and easy to understand fashion. It uses some beautiful illustrations that were designed by SMRS themselves. The design was initially used for a printed brochure that was handed out at a social media event but they needed it animated so they could use it online.

They tasked us with the job of animating the graphics, to connect all of the graphics together with a piece of string and push pins, and add sound effects, a professionally recorded voiceover, and animated text to bring their still design to life.

Character Animation for a corporate explainer video for First Recruitment Group2D illustrated and animated competition winner reveal animation.