Many would consider Mark Instict and Virus Syndicate’s music to be addictive, and others ‘toxic’, or even venomous! That’s the theme behind the song, and they wanted us, and Redeye Knight Productions, to portray that in their new music video filmed in Manchester.

Urban dubstep music video production

We met up with RKP, the Virus Syndicate boys and a few extras one rainy morning back in 2012 on the streets of Ancoats, Manchester, with a DSLR camera, a GoPro, a Steadycam and some umbrellas, ready for action to begin the filming for the new ‘Venom’ music video production. Everything ran smoothly and the finished result looked really stylish.

In the planning of the music video we decided we were going to go for a Sin City ‘Yellow Bastard’ look and asked the boys to wear clothes that had some bright blue in them, so that we could change it to a bright yellow later.

Virus Syndicate ‘Venom’
Dubstep Music Video Production Manchester | Virus Syndicate, Sin City, Yellow Bastard, Jessica Alba, Behind the Scenes

Why not just wear yellow to begin with you ask? Well, that would have just made things that little more difficult. You see, in the post-production we were going to remove colours individually until we were left with one colour that we could then change to a completely different colour. It’s not so obvious but skin tones have yellow in them too, so if we’d have used yellow we’d have colour from the skin that we’d have to compete with too. Skin doesn’t have any blue tones in it so it was the obvious choice for us to keep things as simple as possible in the post-production.

In the movies they use both blue screens and green screens, why not use green? Well, similar to the skin tones we predicted we’d have to contend with, we didn’t want to contend with the surrounding scenery in the outdoor shots like trees and grass either. But one thing that we did take into account was the blue sky. Luckily it was quite a dull and grey day anyway but we didn’t anticipate was that the leather jacket being worn reflected some blue from the sky which made the post-production process a little bit longer as it required more editing than we’d hoped to get rid of the unneeded blue parts.

Later in the day we moved indoors to a local studio to set up the lab. In these scenes we had the boys producing the venom with a few girls helping with the manufacturing and distribution of the product. The lighting conditions were a bit poor which affected the quality of the final product, but when it came to the styling, and giving it that Sin City look with some glitchy time-remapping effects, veryone agreed that we’d done a great job and sounded really happy with the result.

“Scott is a f**king lord… end of!”

Nika D, MC, Virus Syndicate

Motion tracking animated and rotoscoped typography for the Beatrice Eli music video