Video Optimisation

A great video is useless if no-one can find it

You’ve had a superb video produced. It tells your story, highlights the benefits of your products or services, makes your data and information accessible and memorable and presents your brand brilliantly.

You’ve published it on your own website, on YouTube, on Vimeo and a dozen other places. And nothing. Nobody is watching. How frustrating would that be?

Just like any other kind of content, videos need optimising so they can be found. At Motion Videos UK we’re not just focussed on producing great video and motion graphics. We’re also very much aware that if your story is to be told, people will need to be able to find it.

That’s why with every video project we produce, we make sure it’s optimised. That includes:

  • Relevant, researched keywords – in the title, description, text content – basically anywhere possible.
  • Schema video markup – Google loves schema. Proper data markup can get your video in front of people. You may even get a snippet in the Google search results, improving clickthrough rates.
  • Video sitemaps – if you’re hosting your videos on your own site, give Google a nudge with a specific video sitemap.
  • Transcripts – if you have speech in your videos, provide a transcript. It’ll contain keywords and will assist viewers in knowing what it’s all about.
  • Allow embedding – if your video is on your own site, allow people to embed the video on theirs by providing embed code. They’ll appreciate it and your video will get seen by a wider audience.
Video Optimisation
Freelance Design & Illustration Specialist Manchester - Scott Green, Founder of Motion Videos UK

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